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Reach and Wash Services

With our reveloutionary new 'Reach & Wash' system, we are able to access the most difficult of places with relative ease. With its telescopic poles and water pump system, we are able to offer one of the most cost effective cleaning methods while producing the absolute best results.

Importantly, it is a very safe method of window cleaning and fully compliant with modern commercial Health & Safety guidelines, especially since it can be operated from the ground eliminating the need for ladders, or cherry pickers. All Edinburgh Window Cleaners staff are fully trained on the system, giving you total and complete peace of mind.

Extended reach for window cleaningThe Reach & Watch system can reach up to 55 feet, which is about 5 floors. Now, our staff can reach the most inaccessible of places and the system can also be used for other surfaces aside from windows, such as facades, glass roofs, panelling & cladding. So contact us now so we can give you a quote on this effective & efficent system.

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